10 Habits of Highly Successful People

Success can be defined in many different ways. Having lots of money is one indicator that a person may be successful, but so is being a very happy person who is content with exactly where they are in life. So although “success” is ultimately defined by YOU as a unique individual, there are indeed a handful of measurable habits that have a proven track record of leading people to their success. Today, we are looking at the 10 most cited GOOD habits that successful people exercise in their day-to-day lives. Continue reading “10 Habits of Highly Successful People”

Money-Saving Products 2018

A big part of living well is saving money – every little bit helps us reach our goals and there’s a vast number of ways to do this. One of the easiest is to replace the cash-consuming things in your life (I’m not referring to your significant other!)

As of today I’m going to begin listing the different products and/or services that I’ve personally had great experiences with and sharing them with you all! (You can see the list Here) Continue reading “Money-Saving Products 2018”

Learning & Growing Everyday

Okay, so here’s a post to keep everyone up-to-date on where I am and what’s going on with my own personal endeavors as an online entrepreneur. I know – an article like this one will have very low potential for return relative to the “norm” here at FindYourWealth.org, but I think its important to add a “human” touch every once in a while.

Besides, this site was designed with YOU, the reader, in mind and I will never stray away from what drove me to create this website in the first place – our combined efforts in achieving financial wellness! And naturally, I’m certain that many people want to know where I stand with my progress and such. Enjoy! Continue reading “Learning & Growing Everyday”

Money Saving Tips and Ideas (Part Two!)

Hello everybody! Today we’re going over a handful of more ways you can potentially save money by doing some very basic tasks. If you haven’t done so already, please check out Part One of this list to stay caught up! I hope you all wind up learning something new and saving a few bucks in the process!

*Bear in mind that not all of the advice given is applicable in all countries or geographic locations. Continue reading “Money Saving Tips and Ideas (Part Two!)”

Money Saving Tips and Ideas (Part One!)

Its easy to take for granted what saving can do for us. Having patience in the modern world of instant gratification is a rarity but exercising responsibility and thinking twice before you spend your dollars can seriously add up. You might end up with more money than you imagine – I know I sure did (and I continue to)!

*Bear in mind that not all of the advice given is applicable in all countries or geographic locations.

Continue reading “Money Saving Tips and Ideas (Part One!)”

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

When it comes to earning money online, its good to start strong (and smart). Chances are, you’ve come to my site to explore more about Wealthy Affiliate and what it has to offer – because, let’s face it, nobody wants to waste their time with scams and lies.

I’ve created enough websites in the past and I’ve taken part in too many trainings to count to know what truly has potential. Recently I was asked to review Wealthy Affiliate (WA) since my activity with the platform has been at its highest lately, and I’m happy to share my thoughts with you all. Continue reading “Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?”

Are You Ready to Find Your Wealth?

Its Here!

Today is such a momentous day, because I’ve finally created my website aimed at helping the world grow financially stronger and wiser! I’ve scoured the web and countless resources in search of the most effective method of sharing my knowledge and here we are – the site is finally active! I hope to connect with as many people as possible and to assist you in achieving success together with me. Continue reading “Are You Ready to Find Your Wealth?”